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Working groups

The Committee for Open Science brings together more than 200 experts in the field and is working to define new skills.

Publications college

At the heart of the cycle of research activity, the time when results are published is of prime importance. Thus, in the frame of the Committee for Open Science, for the installation of the National plan, the Publication college will deal with communication and discussion of results, and this in all their forms.


Research data college

The second commitment of the national plan for open science is an invitation to “structure and, as far as possible, make research data available to all as Open Data”.


The European and international college

The international context of open science evolves extremely rapidly, especially in Europe where this theme is strongly driven by the European Commission and the Council of Europe.


The skills and training college

The work of the college will be part of the third axis of the national plan for open science.


The free and open source software group

Today, software has become indispensable in all fields of scientific research, as a research tool as well as a research product and an object of research.



The question of evaluation of research and researchers is all the more relevant with the development of open science.


Constructing bibliodiversity project group

The Jussieu Call for Open science and bibliodiversity was published in early October 2017.


Observatory of open science practices group

The “Observatory of open science practices” project group’s mission will be to provide a feasibility report on the implementation of a permanent observatory of open science practices.




Conditor’s objective is to survey and monitor the scientific production of French higher education and research organizations and laboratories.


Visa TM project

The objective of the project is to study the conditions for the production of high value-added TDM services (Text & Data Mining) with semantic-based analysis for researchers.

Project information is available on the Visa TM blog


Development of best practices

This project group produces guides to best practices and recommendations for research and higher education actors (researchers, decision-makers, engineers, administrative staff) based on analysis of the national and European regulatory and legislative context for the development of best practices in open science.


Open archives

In a context where the boundaries between open archives, scientific publishing, research data and research information systems are shifting and porous, a permanent Open Archives group is being set up within the Publications college to propose responses targeting open archives for the development and sustainability of open science.


Open Scientific Publishing

The Open Scientific Publishing group is a sub-part of the Publication college.


Generic simple data hosting and dissemination service

Its objective is to design a generic service for research data for which existing or future disciplinary repositories would not be a suitable solution.

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