The definition and recognition of data management and dissemination activities

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The Ministry of Higher Education and Research wishes to develop and recognise the skills and activities of researchers, academics, research support staff and administrative personnel in the management, preservation, circulation and sharing of data. Producing, preparing, crossing, using, analysing, sharing and opening data requires specific skills from stakeholders working behind the scenes of the actual exploitation, sharing…
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Qualifying the activities, skills and training of those involved in data management and description work that is generally otherwise invisible makes it possible to recognise the contribution of such stakeholders to research and to the creation of professional career paths.

Specific skills are required to produce, prepare, cross, use, analyse, share and open data. New types of jobs and profiles are continually emerging. The work of data engineers who design tools for collecting, structuring, analysing and storing data and that of people who analyse and exploit data (statisticians, analysts, mathematicians, experts in AI, algorithms or scientific computing, etc.) has been effectively described and recognised. Conversely, the collection, cleaning, description, standardisation, updating and maintenance of data are all invisible activities carried out ‘backstage’ as regards data exploitation, sharing and opening.

It is essential to develop and recognise the skills of researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, research support staff and administrative staff in higher education and research institutions who work on the management, preservation and opening up of data. Various actions are planned to achieve this such as developing continuous and permanent training, the recognition of contributors and identifying these activities in job descriptions.

This is why the Ministry of Higher Education and Research – in the framework of its policy on data, algorithms and source codes – is carrying out a state-of-the-art study specifically aimed at qualifying professions involved in the management, preservation and dissemination of data. These professions have developed within the most advanced French or international communities in terms of opening and the preservation of data.

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