Portal for individual health studies

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Promoting the transparency of individual health studies through a national portal FReSH (France Recherche en Santé Humaine, France Human Health Research)
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The project for a portal listing individual health studies from French sources is the result of observations of the following:

  • The lack of visibility of French health studies and the corresponding data about individuals;
  • The necessity for different actors to be able to identify studies on a given topic, even before these have been published, for example to identify collaboration opportunities or possible lacks of information on an emerging issue;
  • A fragmented research landscape with the existence of many national or international portals or metadata catalogues with varying perimeters and levels of information;
  • The absence of a systematic declaration on a public site of non-interventional studies and health studies other than those covered by the Jardé law. This makes it difficult to identify such studies.

The objectives underpinning the implementation of this new tool are to improve:

  • The visibility of individual French health studies and their results;
  • Collaboration between teams;
  • The reuse of health data collected for research purposes.
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