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The “Observatory of open science practices” project group’s mission will be to provide a feasibility report on the implementation of a permanent observatory of open science practices.  
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The open science landscape in France is made up of a highly diverse range of professions and services, has heterogeneous usage practices and has to work with numerous conditioning factors (legal, technical, economic or administrative questions to cite the most prominent) which differ according to disciplinary and institutional variations. Above all, it involves scientific practices which are constantly evolving. For these reasons, knowledge of this ecosystem often remains partial or short-term.

For these reasons, the actors involved cite the lack of aggregated, consolidated data, difficulty in making an analysis because there are important disparities between those in different jobs or with different specialities and the need to follow and anticipate polymorphous changes which are accelerating.

An Observatory of open science practices could thus help provide better knowledge and understanding of this unstable ecosystem which is still being constructed.

The project group for an “Observatory of open science practices” will study the feasibility of the creation of a permanent observation system adapted to the diversity of and likely changes to Open Science practices.
The observatory the group needs to define will particularly integrate the collection and dissemination of recent information, reliable figures, systemic analyses and summary reports on open science practices to help enlighten the actors concerned on the progress of open science and to anticipate and follow such changes.
The group’s work will feed off the work of the Committee for Open Science’s colleges and other project groups and its own work is intended to enrich all the Committee for Open Science’s sections.

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