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The question of evaluation of research and researchers is all the more relevant with the development of open science.
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  • There is an unprecedented potential to define new evaluation methods for publications (open peer-reviewing, open evaluation reports, readership rating, etc.) at hand with the possibilities available with natively open access journal articles. Those are possibilities both for existing scholarly journals and for future journals or even non-journal publications;
  • The possibility of exposing research results other than publications, in particular data, raises the question of the evaluation of these different output formats;
  • The evaluation of researchers, with the potential outcomes for their career, the assessment of research projects and laboratory are too often based on inadequate bibliometric indicators, like the all too famous and damaging journal impact factor. Isn’t this restrictive practice one of the major reasons for the quasi-monopoly of capital-driven publishers and the commandeering of time? expertise? a large number of researchers in some major disciplines?

The evolution of evaluation methods is an extremely complex issue, exposed to the diversity of scientific disciplines, which impacts researchers’ behaviour and affects the policies of research institutions and research funders. Finally, the universal nature of research gives an international dimension to this issue.

The project group will seek to define the interactions between the evaluation issue and those addressed in the other CoSO colleges and project groups.

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