Successfully appropriating open science

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The “Successfully appropriating open science” project was launched following the conclusions of the working group from the research data college on the use and governance of data.

It aims to promote the appropriation of open science beyond the initial circle of researchers who are already aware of it, taking into account the diversity of uses and “ordinary practices” within different disciplinary communities.

It is divided into two sub-projects:

  • “Breaking down open science by discipline” is a field survey of research professionals in various disciplines and communities with different practices. The aim of the study was to understand day-to-day research practices better (observing research “as it is done “) by getting as close as possible to the people who produce knowledge in laboratories, research units and universities. More specifically, this involves monitoring the production, (re)use and dissemination of data and other research objects (laboratory notebooks and field notebooks) and studying their full diversity. Three sub-fields were defined for study – RNA viruses, laboratory notebooks and field notebooks in archaeology.
  • “Open science legal workshops” represent a practical tool and space for sharing and resolving legal questions through feedback. They may concern specific disciplines or a cross-disciplinary theme (images, data management, etc.). The objective of these workshops is to bring actors with different profiles (academics, engineers, technicians and librarians) together with lawyers to try to find adapted solutions which can be easily understood by “non-specialists”. Three legal workshops have been planned which will lead to results being shared and a white paper aimed at facilitating the appropriation of the workshop format by others.
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