Global mapping of Open Science actors (CartoSO)

Europe & international
The world open science landscape is complex and constantly evolving. This makes it essential to possess a tool to navigate it more effectively which enables users to consult and visualise information for strategic analysis.
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The CartoSO project was launched by the European and International College to enable French actors to situate themselves in the world open science landscape.

Open science is taking a central place in the scientific research ecosystem and the number of actors involved in the subject is growing exponentially. The CartoSO map provides a single entry point for those wishing to identify European and international actors and access descriptive and strategic information on them.

CoSO and ReiSO members provide input for this collaborative tool on a voluntary basis. Volunteers can write an article on an open science actor for the knowledge base or share their knowledge. The information extracted is used to generate visualisations that users can cross-reference and filter to help them understand this ecosystem better.

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