Generic simple data hosting and dissemination service

Research data
Its objective is to design a generic service for research data for which existing or future disciplinary repositories would not be a suitable solution.
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Some scientific disciplines have long had repositories that are appropriate for the management, preservation and dissemination of the data they produce. For others, these services have not yet been developed, even though several research funders are planning to establish data openness along FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data) as an eligibility criterion for projects in the coming years. The working group’s objective is to assess the feasibility of a generic service for hosting and disseminating simple data to fill this gap.

This service will be planned for data for which none of the existing or future disciplinary repositories would be a suitable solution. In addition, it will aim to provide a publicly driven solution for the dissemination of data related to scientific articles.

The aim is to ensure that no researchers are left behind without solutions for the management and long-term preservation of their data. These should be adapted to the management of long-tail data which is scattered, heterogeneous and poorly structured, so that it can be preserved, and shared and reused as much as possible.

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