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The Committee for Open Science
Ministry for Higher Education and Research
Higher education and research strategy coordination department
Sub-directorate of strategic steering and territories
Scientific and technical information and document network department (DISTRD)
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Managing editor: Marin Dacos (Advisor for Open Science to the General Director of Research)

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  • Anne-Marie Badolato
  • Cecilia Fabry
  • Patrick Kremer
  • Claire Leymonerie

Delphine Merrien, Sophie Giraud, Sophie Mazens, Marianne Esclangon and Therese Hameau also contribute.


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Ministere de l’enseignement superieur et de la recherche
Service de la coordination des strategies de l’enseignement superieur and de la recherche
Sous-direction du pilotage strategique and des territories
Departement de l’information scientifique and technique and reseau documentaire (DISTRD)
1 rue Descartes 75231 Paris Cedex 5

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