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The Committee for Open Science ensures the implementation of the National Open Science Policy.
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Latin America now has the optimal conditions to create open science infrastructure that capitalises on these previous efforts

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The Steering Committee for Open Science has selected 26 winners in the framework of the National Fund for Open Science’s (FNSO) second call for projects in favour of open scientific publication and publishing. Overall support of €2.2 million is being…
The French Open Science Monitor was created in 2019 in the framework of the National Plan for Open Science. It was the first step towards setting up indicators to assess the progress of open science in France. It consists of…
News from the Committee  Le 11/10/2021
The Open Science Research Data and Open Science Free Software awards were part of the second National Plan for Open Science announced by the Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation on July 6th 2021. They are intended to reward…

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