The series “Passport: An introduction to Open Science”  is a set of five videos derived from the Passport for Open Science offering structured and educational content.  

Series Passport: An introduction to Open Science

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Writing (scenario) :
Émilie Brunet (IRD)
Johann Berti (Aix-Marseille Université)
Romane Coutanson (ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche)
Madeleine Géroudet (Université de Lille)
Claire Leymonerie (ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche)
Mónica Michel Rodríguez (Université de Lille)

March 2023

The characters of the Passport for Open Science come to life to help you explore the world of open science and its many practical solutions. These will cover freely accessible digital resources, solutions for opening or sharing research data, as well as for disseminating your doctoral thesis or your scientific productions in open access. These issues are illustrated by four testimonials from young researchers who are engaged in open science practices.

What is Open Science ?
The Passport characters will help you discover how open science represents a different way of doing science, and of disseminating and evaluating research. It will also introduce you to the strong ecosystem of actors that is there to accompany you.

Open resources to discover
This video allows you to discover how open science aims to facilitate access to scientific content and encourage its reuse. You will explore various practical solutions for searching for open access resources (publications, data, code, etc.). These solutions are illustrated by the testimonial of Esther Nka Manyol, a PhD student in the second year of her thesis in French language and literature at the University of Lille.

Data management and the life cycle of research data
This video allows you to understand how good data management is useful for you and for the scientific community. You will discover what questions to ask yourself in order to best organise research data throughout its life cycle, as well as the benefits of such management, particularly in terms of data sharing and reuse. These issues are illustrated by the testimonial of Egon Heuson, research fellow at Centrale Lille.

The open access thesis
This video teaches you the steps involved in submitting a thesis in open access. You will learn about the key elements you need to be aware of in order to easily do this, in a manner fully consistent with your future publication plans. These issues will be illustrated by the testimonial of Ségolène Vandevelde, postdoctoral researcher in archaeology, anthropology and prehistory (CNRS, at the Fondation des Treilles/ ANR ApART), at the time of recording, and currently a Banting postdoctoral researcher at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.

Dissemination of scientific work in open access
This video explains the specificities of open access publishing and the importance of the link between publications and other productions made during your research (datasets, source code, etc.) in the process of opening up scientific work. These issues are illustrated by the testimony of Sacha Hodencq, a doctoral student in the final year of his thesis in electrical engineering – at the time of recording – and currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory (Laboratoire d’informatique de Grenoble, LIG).