Derived from Passport for Open Science, this booklet adresses questions frequently asked by researchers about open science.

Open Science – Join the debate

Ministry of Higher education and Research

Editorial coordination : University of Lille

Scientific council : The kills an Training College of The Committee for Open Science

Julien Baudry
Serge Bauin
Florence Bouchet-Moneret
Laetitia Bracco
Émilie Brunet
Romane Coutanson
Caroline Dandurand
Alina Danciu
Caroline Doucouré
Laurence El Khouri
Romain Féret
Madeleine Géroudet
Anne-Solweig Gremillet
Christine Hadrossek
Hanka Hensens
Claire Leymonerie
Lionel Maurel
Christine Okret-Manville
Christine Ollendorff
Irini Paltani-Sargologos
François Pellegrini
Marie Pellen
Stéphanie Rennes
Anabel Vazquez

October 2023

As part of the Passeport for Open Science collection, this booklet addresses questions frequently asked by researchers about open science. It provides factual and documented explanations about the legal, technical and financial issues related to open science.
Opening up science involves discussions and exchanges within the scientific community, and this guide will help you join the debate!

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This booklet is under Creative Commons BY-SA license


Open Science for all disciplines

Disseminate and protect

Publishing an open access thesis

Publishers and open access

Publishing costs

Journal impact and quality

Predatory journals

Open archives and social media

Sensitive data

The law and research data

Data management plan

Data warehouses

Using code found online

Building a community around software

Towards new forms of evaluation

Going further