CRUSOE is an online support tool for research data repositories wishing to apply for CoreTrustSeal certification or simply to use the CoreTrustSeal criteria to find out about their own repositories and improve their practices.  


CRUSOE was developed under the aegis of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research’s Committee for Open Science with financing from the National Fund for Open Science. This is a dedicated tool for research data repositories interested in taking out CoreTrustSeal certification.

The CRUSOE application can be used online or installed on the hosting system of your choice. It enables you to declare repositories and put together a certification application file for each one. You can work collectively on each declaration by defining types of access (read/modify/save). The overall aim is to comply with the 16 criteria set out in the CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements Extended Guidance for 2020-2022 (applications before 01/11/2022) or Extended Guidance for 2023-2025. CRUSOE also enables users to link to any useful documents and save the various versions of their file as their repository progresses.


CRUSOE is a free and open tool. Its current version was defined by the ‘Certification of Data Repositories and Services’ working group jointly run by the Committee for Open Science’s Research Data College and RDA France. It has been developed and will be maintained by the Data Department at the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory.