The Council's conclusions have been adopted by the European Union's Member States and call for open and immediate access to publications from publicly funded research. They also stress the importance of peer reviewing and the recognition of this process in maintaining the integrity of research and bolstering public trust in science.

Council conclusions on high-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy and equitable scholarly publishing

High-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy and equitable scholarly publishing
European Union Council conclusions
General Secretariat of the Council 
23 May 2023

The European Union Council (…)

REITERATES the importance of accelerating the transition to open science to improve research quality, efficiency and impact by promoting transparency, accessibility, diversity, reusability, reproducibility and trustworthiness of research results, that open access to scholarly publications, including their reuse, is one of the core elements of an open science system, and that action is needed to ensure that scholarly publishing supports these aims;

HIGHLIGHTS that immediate and unrestricted open access should bethe norm in publishing research involving public funds, with transparent pricing commensurate with the publication services and where costs are not covered by individual authors or readers;

ACKNOWLEDGES that publishing practices vary across disciplines, and EMPHASISES that some publication formats, such as monographs, books and long-text formats, especially in the social sciences and humanities, should continue to be supported, while promoting open access publishing and allowing for a diverse range of formats to co-exist, and for publishing in a
range of languages;



Towards an open, equitable and sustainable scholarly publishing system

Supporting diversity and ensuring equity in scholarly publishing

Enhancing trust and ensuring high quality, transparency and integrity in scholarly publishing

Way forward

Framework conditions

Capacities: infrastructures and skills