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The French Committee for Open Science ensures the implementation of the National Open Science Policy.
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The series of videos based on the practical guide Passport for Open Science is now available on Canal U. It offers researchers an introductory journey into the world of open science. The…

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News from the Committee  Le 17/03/2023
Producing, preparing, crossing, describing and sharing research data requires specific skills. After a literature review about skills for FAIR data, the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research is currently conducting an in-depth study to develop and recognize these skills…
The French Committee for Open Science has published a guide that presents and explains the different provisions on opening research data set out in the 2016 Law for a Digital Republic. Article 6 of the Law for a Digital Republic…
illustration Publication of a guide to the application of the Law for a Digital Republic as regards research data
News from the Committee  Le 30/01/2023
The outputs of the Electronic Laboratory Notebooks working group were first published in French in 2022 and are now available in English. These provide criteria and recommendations for choosing and implementing a solution adapted to the context of use. The…
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