The Passport to Open Science collection gets even richer!

News from the Committee

A new resource dedicated to research data can now be found among the guides and thematic booklets in the Passport for Open Science collection. This guide provides an introduction to the principles of data management and data dissemination, for all disciplines.

This new Research Data guide completes the Passport for Open Science collection. This collection of resources includes a series of short videos derived from of the Passport for Open Science, as well as the booklet Join the debate, which adresses questions frequently asked by researchers about open science, and the Source code and software booklet, which adresses the particular challenges of opening up this content.

For this new year 2024, the Passport for Open Science has been reedited. The aim of this new edition was to update and incorporate new features since its publication in 2020, to include cross-references to the guides and thematic booklets of the collection, and to review the contents in order to continue offering concise and comprehensive information, as well asuseful practical tools.

All the resources in the Passeport for Open Science collection are available in French and English, in web and print versions. Copies will be distributed on request to research support services, your university library, training centres, doctoral colleges and schools, etc. To obtain paper copies :Contact your doctoral college or school, your library, a research data management cluster (Atelier de la donnée), or your open science advisor.