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News from the Committee

For several years now, the Committee for Open Science’s colleges have been providing general and more specific resources to help understand the challenges of open science and provide practical solutions for PhD students, researchers and support staff.

A fun, educational introduction to open science:
The Passport to Open Science and its video series “Passport: An introduction to Open Science” support PhD students in all disciplinary fields at every stage of their research career. It provides a series of best practices, directly usable tools, feedback testimonials and stories to help users implement the tools.

Also in this “collection”, the Open Science – Entrez dans le débat (French link) brochure provides answers to the main questions asked by scientists and invites them to discuss these issues with the people around them. The Open Science – Codes and Software (French link) booklet presents and discusses the specific issues involved in opening up the codes and software produced by and used in research.

For specific answers relating to the publication of research work:
The guide to Implementing the rights retention strategy for scientific publications explains the concept of rights retention, the benefits of this strategy for researchers and the practical details of its implementation. It includes a FAQ that answers the main questions concerning the choice of licences, the possibilities available at the various stages of publication and how researchers can best manage their relations with publishers.