The guide explains the rights retention strategy, its benefits for the researcher and the operational details of its application. It also provides an FAQ that addresses the main questions about choosing licenses, the options available at the various stages of publication, and how to manage relationships with publishers.

Implementing the rights retention strategy for scientific publications

Guide for researchers

December 2022 for the English version 

The rights retention strategy is a tool for researchers to retain sufficient rights on their scientific articles so that they can make them available in immediate open access, regardless of the distribution model of the journal in which they are published. This strategy allows the unrestricted dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community and beyond.

It represents a new approach for researchers. The French Committee for Open Science hopes that this guide will help you to apply the rights retention strategy. It provides practical suggestions for that purpose, and solutions to overcome any difficulties you may encounter.

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What is the rights retention strategy?

Why use it?

How can I implement it?

If you have problems

FAQ Rights retention strategy