The French National Research Funding Agencies’ Roadmap for Open Science 2023 


The network of the French research funding agencies ADEME, ANR, ANRS-MIE, Anses and INCa have published an Open Science roadmap in the framework of their ongoing shared policy for Open Science. The agencies have committed to:

  • Promoting immediate open access. The five agencies continue to recommend immediate open access using CC-BY licenses for all publications deriving from the projects they fund. Furthermore, in compliance with the Second National Plan for Open Science, they have also committed to collaborating on the implementation of the rights retention strategy.
  • Supporting the diversity of open access publishing models. These five agencies are committed to bibliodiversity and will therefore join the community created around the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access published in March 2022 by Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS and the ANR. They will focus on identifying funding levers to support fair, transparent and community-driven scientific publishing models.
  • Rolling out a common structured data management plan. The agencies have committed to progressively implementing a machine-readable data management plan to prepare data for sharing and eventual dissemination. Their first step will be to roll out their common structured DMP model based on the DMP OPIDoR tool. The agencies will also work on raising awareness of data sharing and openness among private stakeholders in the fields the agencies work in.
  • Taking part in discussions on reforming research assessment. The agencies will continue to meet to discuss how to enhance practices for evaluating the scientific quality of projects in line with the principles set out in DORA and the future work of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) set up at the end of 2022. They aim to ensure all research products are taken into account for the evaluation of researchers including data sets, source codes and software and also that narrative CVs are gradually phased in.
  • Continuing to promote the adoption of the ORCID identifier and implement a more general policy of unique and permanent identifiers for research stakeholders, structures and objects particularly on the portal for calls for proposals.

The network’s aim is to reinforce the commitments set out in their joint statement on Open Science signed in 2020 and continue the actions they have implemented so far.