The feasibility of a generic simple data hosting and dissemination service: ambitions and scenarios

News from the Committee

The third study by the Committee for Open Science’s “Generic Simple Data Hosting and Dissemination Service” group is now online. This study assesses different scenarios and levels of functional ambition for the creation of a national generic data service. The document takes the needs identified in the first phase as its starting point to propose different implementation modalities. These are presented using two user paths – a data producer’s and a data reuser’s. Three levels of ambition are described for each path. These describe the gradual offer of support and functionalities associated with the national service. Finally, three scenarios for setting up the repository service are proposed and compared in functional and economic terms.

The objective of the Committee for Open Science’s Generic simple data hosting and dissemination service is to assess the feasibility of a national generic warehouse. This service will be dedicated to data which none of the existing or future disciplinary repositories provide a suitable solution for. It will also aim to propose a solution controlled by the public sector actors in the field for the dissemination of data related to scientific articles.

The group has published two other studies which can be consulted on the website:

  • the first study looked at seven national data services that have developed in different contexts but have many common features in common, starting with providing all researchers with access to a data service on the national scale;
  • the second study presented the requirements and constraints of users. This firstly involved the methodology used based on users’ accounts of their experiences. Participants were asked to distinguish their needs and create an order of priority. Secondly it involved the questions and objections collected during the interviews and workshops.

All three studies are in French only.

The group is led by Jean-Christophe Desconnets, director of the Digital Data and Infrastructure Mission at the IRD [1]IRD: Research Institute for Development with support from the Datactivist company.

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