Job announcement – Project Manager for the Global Research Initiative on Open Science (GRIOS)


Following the last April proposal by France to develop the Global Research Initiative on Open Science (GRIOS), the recruitment of its project manager has just been launched. The recruited person will work at the European Science Foundation (ESF), a non-profit organisation, which was chosen to host the international coordination of the project. 

GRIOS follows the G7 Sendai communiqué and the G7 Open Science Working Group report on the subject of research on open science. It aims to mobilise research on open science in order to promote more effective science policies. Being dedicated to the support of excellent science through collaborations with the main research organisations in Europe and beyond, ESF has been chosen as an ideal actor to advance the project. 

The person recruited will be responsible for developing and implementing the project, as well as for building partnerships to secure the budget, and coordinating the different stakeholders. 

For more information see the job description published by the ESF:  

For more information on GRIOS, see the blog post: