Constructing bibliodiversity project group

The Jussieu Call for Open science and bibliodiversity was published in early October 2017.
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With its eight recommendations, it claims that advances towards open science necessarily require support for the diversity of actors in scientific publishing – aka bibliodiversity – at all stages of the publishing workflow. This implies in particular the coexistence of various business models and excludes the domination of a single model. But time has come to work on the practical implementation of bibliodiversity and to take into account the diverse cultural and publishing practices prevailing among researchers, disciplines, institutions and countries. This can only happen at a European and international scale.

The creation of a project group entitled “Building Bibliodiversity” within the Committee for Open Science and directly under the responsibility and permanent monitoring of the Publications and International Colleges meets these two objectives. It will take advantage from the wealth of skills gathered within these two colleges and the committee as a whole, but also from the contribution of external expertise.

The duration of the mission of this project group is nine months and it will submit a final report on its work together with a shorter document of recommendations. This report will be presented during a CoSO Tech session with proposals for communication with the institutions and researchers. A bimonthly progress report will be made to the CoSOTech and the two colleges.

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