A series of videos based on the Passport for Open Science

News from the Committee

The series of videos based on the practical guide Passport for Open Science is now available on Canal U. It offers researchers an introductory journey into the world of open science. The characters in the Passport for Open Science come to life to help you understand the different aspects and issues of open science, and to discover the many practical solutions that allow you to implement it in your research. You will hear new testimonials from researchers and PhD students. Intended for researchers, in particular PhD students and early-career researchers, these videos can also be used as teaching aids in the context of training courses on open science.

Produced by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in partnership with the University of Lille and with the scientific collaboration of the Skills and Training College of the Committee for Open Science, the videos are on Canal U, the audiovisual platform of higher education and research. They are available in French and English with subtitles in both languages.

The series consists of five episodes:

These introductory videos can be complemented by reading the thematic booklets recently published in the Passport for Open Science series, which will soon be available in English: « Open Science: source code and software » and « Open Science, join the debate ».