A study of data professions 

News from the Committee

The Ministry of Higher Education and Research wishes to develop and recognise the skills and activities of researchers, academics, research support staff and administrative personnel in the management, preservation, circulation and sharing of data.
Producing, preparing, crossing, using, analysing, sharing and opening data requires specific skills from stakeholders working behind the scenes of the actual exploitation, sharing and opening of data.

After an initial analysis of the professions and skills described in literature on the subject, the aim of the study of data professions[1]Anne Laurent has been appointed to manage this study and lead a working group on the subject. Datactivist, a cooperative specialising in open data, is also working on the study is to qualify the activities involved throughout the data life cycle along with the profiles, workplaces and skills of stakeholders working in this area.
To achieve this, a survey is open until April 8th 2023. It consists of 22 questions and is for all doctoral students, researchers, academics, administrative and technical staff who have developed data management, preservation, circulation and openness practices.