The Open Science Monitor (BSO) aims to measure the evolution of open science practices in France using reliable, open and controlled data. It was launched in 2019 and provides detailed indicators on open access to scientific publications and has also integrated objects which are specific to health research.

The French Open Science Monitor

According to the January 2021 edition of the Open Science Monitor, 62% of the 166,000 French scientific publications published in 2020 were in open access in December 2021 which represented a 10-point increase in one year. The level of open access varies significantly from one discipline to another. Certain disciplines like the physical sciences and mathematics have long been committed to opening up their publications while others like chemistry, for example, were lagging behind but are now rapidly catching up. The 2021 edition also monitors the transparency of results from clinical trials conducted in France and shows that only 57% of clinical trials completed in the last 10 years shared their results publicly

The BSO’s objective is to measure the progress made in opening access to research results in the form of publications, code and data. This initiative is part of the National Open Science Plan and France’s National Action Plan within the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Two versions of the Monitor are now available. The first is a General Monitor which describes the level and modalities of French scientific publications from all disciplines. It breaks down these data according to disciplines and publishers and provides indicators specific to open archives. The second is the Health Monitor focusing, as the name suggests, on health research, and developed in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. The latter tool is based on all indicators relating to publications in the field of health research and also adds a specific focus on clinical trials and observational studies. It particularly provides numerous indicators on the registration of clinical trials and their results in public registers 

The BSO is a compilation of open data from Unpaywall (a global database of scientific publication metadata that provides information on the openness status of publications) obtained using an open methodology. Thus, the underlying data is available under an open licence, its code is open source as well and its methodology is discussed in detail in an OA publication. As of 2022, the data is updated every quarter.

An annual Flash Note from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation’s Sub-directorate for Information Systems and Statistical Studies (SIES) will highlight the key trends revealed by the BSO.

Work on enriching the Monitor is ongoing with the upcoming inclusion of new indicators concerning the opening of research data.

The underlying data and the code:

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The ‘Flash Note’ for January 2022:

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