The disciplinary DoRANum project – research data teaching resources developed with and for scientists

News from the Committee

The project working on disciplinary resources for DoRANum ran from 2021 to 2023 and led to the development of 13 learning paths covering a broad range of disciplines from linguistics to bioinformatics and law. 8 of these paths can already be accessed online. 

This project is led by Inist-CNRS and the Urfist Scientific Interest Group (GIS). Its aim is to enhance data management support for DoRANum through the creation of subject-specific teaching resources available on Callisto.

A successful call for expressions of interest led to a scientific committee of fifteen scientific experts regularly meeting for a year to bring this project to fruition. The results of this effective collaboration between scientific experts and educational engineers were presented in December 2022.

These thirteen paths are freely accessible for scientific communities to learn about the elements that structure the main data ‘FAIRisation’ issues in their disciplines. The resources are hosted on the Callisto training platform and on the DoRANum website.

The project was funded by the Committee for Open Science.