The results of the National Fund for Open Science’s third call for projects promoting open scientific publication

The National Fund for Open Science

The Steering Committee for Open Science has selected 19 winning projects in the framework of the National Fund for Open Science’s third call for projects. This selection is made by an international deliberation committee. Infrastructures, distribution platforms and editorial content will be supported with €2.2 million funding intended to help consolidate the open science publishing ecosystem. The French National Research Agency has co-financed the call for projects for the first time.

The Second National Plan for Open Science (PNSO) launched in 2021 has bolstered and consolidated France’s ambitions for open science. The policy aim is to promote a sustainable transformation process so that open science becomes the common shared practice among researchers.

In November 2022, the National Fund for Open Science (FNSO) launched its third call for open scientific publishing projects aimed at making open scientific publication the main generalised practice. The international selection committee was chaired by Martina Knoop, director of the CNRS’s Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives (MITI), and Philippe Mongeon, professor in the Department of Information Science at Dalhousie University (Canada), along with around forty experts in this field. The Steering Committee for Open Science made up of French higher education and research stakeholders selected 19 projects from the 43 project applications.

The first two calls for projects allotted a total of €4.9 million in funding to 49 projects and the FNSO has continued to work on structuring the open access publishing ecosystem. The 19 projects selected in the latest call for projects will receive a total of €2.2 million. For the first time, the French National Research Agency (ANR)[1]Find out more about the ANR’s open science policy:  is co-funding this call for proposals supporting open access publishing with no publication fees, otherwise known as the diamond model.

This selection of projects is in line with the national plan’s stated ambitions, featuring journals that wish to adopt the diamond model, open access books and research infrastructures. This call helps firmly anchor the work of the FNSO in the open science landscape and helps consolidate bibliodiversity.

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