The CWTS has published the open version of its 2023 rankings


The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) has published the open version of the Leiden Ranking. The CWTS has worked in collaboration with the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI), Sesame Open Science and OurResearch to reconstruct the Leiden Ranking which is now totally transparent because only open data and open source algorithms are used.

The aim of this open version is to reproduce the ranking published in June 2023 as faithfully as possible. The open edition covers the same 1411 universities from the 2023 ranking but using OpenAlex data rather than proprietary Web of Science data. OpenAlex collected these data from a variety of sources including Crossref, PubMed and publishers’ websites.

Last September, the CWTS‘s deputy director Ludo Waltman announced that the new Leiden ranking is an experiment that aims to put open and publicly accessible data to the test. “For a while the historical classification based on proprietary data will coexist alongside the new experimental classification.

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