This summary of the report of the "Successfully appropriating open science Project"  presents in a more condensed way the context, methodology and results of a study on data practices in research.

Adapting Open Science – Summary

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Successfully appropriating open science Project – Research Data College


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How can we support the evolution of practices associated with data in relation to the incentives and obligations of open science public policies?

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Table of contents

1. Background and objectives of the study

The "Adapting Open Science" study

2. Methodology 3. Results

3.1 What factors should be considered to better understand the diversity of data practices in research?

3.2 How can we support the evolution of data-related practices in relation to the incentives and obligations of Open Science public policies?

4. Key takeaways

4.1 Understanding research approaches in detail

4.2 Understand different practices for making data available

4.3 Learn about learning methods and collaborative practices

4.4 Diversify the types of support

4.5 Considering status and career issues

5. Limitations 6. Conclusion 7. Annexes

7.1 Main results of the "Data and Open Science" questionnaire

7.2 Access to the study’s various research outputs

7.3 Credits