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Software Heritage
Created in 2015 by Inria, Software Heritage is an open repository with the mission to collect, preserve and share the source code of all publicly available software.  

Software Heritage

English translation by Marla Da Silva and Roberto di Cosmo – SWH

Software Heritage (SWH) is the largest source code archive of software source code, with more than 6 billion unique source files collected from 90 million software origins (data September 2019).

Created in 2015 by Inria, Software Heritage is a non-profit organization with funding from a wide range of international entities, from academia to industry. It is part of the French National Open Science Plan, and is supported by the MESRI.

Software Heritage contributes to Open Science’s goals by guaranteeing the availability and traceability of the source code of software used in all fields of research, thus facilitating reproducibility, verifiability and reuse of research results.

Software Heritage archives the source code of all software, not only research software, because research software depends on a multitude of other software, from operating systems to generic libraries to the countless tools needed for their development.

User guides for researchers are available on the website.

Twitter : @SWHeritage

Blog : www.softwareheritage.org/blog

Contact : info@softwareheritage.org