Recherche Data Gouv

Science communities need support in sharing and opening research data. To meet this demand, the FNSO supports the creation and development of Recherche Data Gouv ecosystem.

Initiative in brief
Leading establishment
Establishments leading certified data management clusters and resources centers; INRAE and partner establishments for the registry and repository modules
Financing year(s)
2021  (→ 2023)
FNSO fund share
7 610 000 €

Components of the projet

This contribution is threefold:

  • A contribution of 4 110 000 € over three years (2021-2023) to develop a multidisciplinary data repository for research data deposit, sharing and opening, and a registry to search for French research data published on external repositories;
  • A scheduled support of 3 000 000 € over three years (2021-2023) for data management clusters certified through recurring calls for interest,
  • A contribution of 500 000 € to national resources centers which come in support of data management clusters and thematic reference centers.

Recherche Data Gouv is accessible through a single portal:

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