Knowledge Exchange: futures in Open Science


Knowledge Exchange (KE) is an original entity both prospective and pragmatic in its approach to Open Science, aka Open Scholarship in the organization’s language. KE includes six European organizations closely linked to operating, supporting or servicing higher education and research (HER). Their common purpose and interest lies in exploring openness in usage, backgrounds and trends to inspire their own actions in helping their countries’ research communities in their practice of digital tools and resources.

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and its counterparts are committed to KE to exchange on their own policies and current considerations. They agree on objectives for a set of studies matching needs, agreed in common and addressed to dedicated working groups. These endeavours give rise to seminars, workshops, face-to-face or virtual exchange forums that lead to reports and potential roadmaps.

A number of French experts from several academic backgrounds get together with German, British, Danish, Finnish and Dutch colleagues to produce joint outcomes. In recent years, they have covered a wide range of topics like open-access monographs, reproducibility of research results, evaluation, pre-publications, etc.

The document Activities at Knowledge Exchange – Partners to improve services for HER provides an overview.