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The International Open Science Expert Network (ReiSo) is made up of French experts in the field of open science. They have been mandated to coordinate France’s positions in major international bodies and meetings by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research.
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ReiSo was set up in 2021 to strengthen France’s presence and influence to support and promote its open science policy in the European and international contexts. Its members are selected on the basis of their experience, skills and knowledge of international issues linked to open science. They represent and defend France’s position in the relevant influential international bodies, organisations and at important international events.

ReiSo’s structure involves two types of experts – permanent elected or appointed representatives on the boards of international organisations and experts who attend international meetings to present France’s position in a coordinated and concerted manner.

  • Permanent experts who sit on steering committees or the boards of permanent bodies, or who regularly attend all the meetings of a given structure;
  • Experts who represent France at individual conferences, seminars, workshops or congresses dealing with a particular subject and who present France’s position according to the political stakes and issues involved at the time.

The experts cover various themes linked to open science as presented in the second national open science plan: open access scientific publishing, structuring and opening up research data, free software, free educational resources and so forth. Some are also dedicated to particular geographical areas. The ReiSo experts meet regularly to share information, work on strategic framing or take part in training initiatives.

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