Guide for the application of the law for a Digital Republic (article 30) – Scientific texts

News from the Committee

This guide was written by researchers, lawyers and professionals of scientific and technical information* to inform researchers clearly and simply of the new rights that the October 2016 law for a Digital Republic has opened to them for the diffusion of their writing published in scientific journals. The present (short) version of this guide will soon be completed by a more detailed version, which will explain, notably, more specific cases.

The guide: French PDF version, French HTML version

* The working group that produced this text was trained by the CNRS and the ADBU in April 2017 and then integrated into the BSN of the MESRI, who publishes the guide on its site. The list of FAQ written by GTAO-Couperin on the same thematic served as the inspiration for this guide, and the two texts had a pool of writers in common.