Roberto Di Cosmo
Roberto Di Cosmo
Professor of computer science, leader of the Software Heritage initiative

Roberto Di Cosmo, professor of computer science, works at Inria to lead the Software Heritage initiative.

Traditionally, his research interests lie at the crossroads between functional programming (and its pure core, lambda computation), logic, category theory, game theory and parallel and distributed programming. More recently, he has become interested in the application of formal methods for solving the problems presented by the large masses of software that are available in the Free Software Universe. In this context he has set up and coordinated the European Mancoosi project.

Roberto Di Cosmo contributed to the creation of IRILL, an initiative to research and innovate on free software. In 2014, he developed the vision that led to the creation of Software Heritage, a long-term initiative to collect, preserve and make readily available the source code of all software ever written.

For the past twenty years, he has been involved in an activity of science popularization aimed to raise awareness among the various actors in society of the dangers of computer monopolies. He has concentrated on promoting alternatives, particularly free software, of which France is a major player.