The Committee for Open Science’s reply on the guide for the implementation of Plan S (watchpoints)

News from the Committee

The Commitee for Open Science has published a short reply to the online consultation run by the cOAlition S on the Guide for the implemention of Plan S published at the end of November 2018.

This memorandum focuses on elements that are not clear enough or subjects which have not been dealt with and for which the Committee makes recommendations:

  • the consideration of disciplines;
  • a differentiated implementation phasing for Plan S;
  • adaptation time for licenses;
  • measuring the transformative effect of Plan S on the publishing system;
  • equal technical constraints for open archives and journals platforms;
  • the definition of a schedule and technical details for the provision of full text in XML-JATS;
  • financial support for open science infrastructure from funding bodies;
  • the mandatory nature of the provision of I4OC compliant citation data for journals and platforms.