In progress


Open Science for African studies

Founded on a resource pooling logic, this project aims to support the full transition of French foreign institutes in Sub-Saharan Africa publications to open access.

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Project in brief
Leading establishment
USR 3336 Afrique au Sud du Sahara
USR 3137 Centre français des études éthiopiennes
UMR 5115 Les Afriques dans le monde
UMR 8171 Institut des mondes africains
GIS Études africaines en France
Funding recipient(s)
UAR 3336 Afrique au Sud du Sahara
Project duration
45 mois
154 541 €

Components of the projet

• Provide UAR 3336/3137, based in sub-Saharan Africa, with a stable “open science” skills centre.

• Develop a catalog of original works and unpublished translations

• Establish the “Africae” and “CFEE” publishing brands in the landscape of scientific publishing in African studies