Redalyc – AmeliCA (SCOSS-certified project)

Redalyc is a digital library of Open Access journals, supported by the Autonomous University of Mexico State. As of 2022, Redalyc hosts a collection of 1470 diamond open access journals (no Article Processing charge (APC) and subscription free for readers) originating from 31 different countries, with close to a million articles fully available. AmeliCA is a multi-partnership initiative jointly carried by Redalyc and CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences) with the support of UNESCO. Launched in 2018, AmeliCA’s goal is to promote and enforce cooperative and non-profit models to foster scientific non-profit edition.

Initiative in brief
Leading establishment
Autonomous University of Mexico State
Financing year(s)
FNSO fund share
70 000 €