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The Open-STICS project offers a new form of dynamic, collaborative and accessible to all, editing of the formalisms of a crop model, using STICS as case study.

This project has a general vocation to test a new way of developing books and opening up science through new forms of publication, of which Quae proposes to be an initiator.

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Project in brief
Leading establishment
Centre INRAE Centre-siège
Editions QUAE
CIRAD - Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
Funding recipient(s)
Centre INRAE Centre-siège
Project duration
24 mois
20 933 €

Components of the projet

  • design, writing, publication and distribution of an evolving work, in open access, associated with the data of a version of the STICS model
  • creation and testing of a new way of developing works, by building content around data and modifying the organization of editorial production