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News from comity  Le 20/12/2018
During the 14th Berlin Open Access Conference, on 3-4 December 2018, a joint statement was drafted by the French Open Science Committee (Bibliodiversity WG and the College of Publications) and the OA2020 carriers. Joint efforts will be initiated in 2019…
News from comity  Le 19/09/2018
Proposal from the French Open science committee – Free and open source group / Proposition du Comité pour la science ouverte – Groupe projet logiciels libres et open source (PDF) OSM: Open Science Monitor Open Science Monitor – Draft methodological…
News from comity  Le 31/08/2018
Feedback from the French Open science committee / Commentaires du Comité pour la science ouverte (PDF) The draft methodological note[1] published by the EC about the Open Science Monitor raises several questions. As it encourages for feedback, we detail below…
Watch  Le 27/10/2016
This report, commissioned by BSN 4 and BSN 7, is concerned with the new ways in which open access journals can be editorialised. The transition to open access has accelerated in recent years. Several countries have established a legal framework…


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