Open science: adoption in 11 European countries and for ERC programmes of obligatory open access for publications

News from the Committee

On Tuesday September 4th 2018, 11 National research funding organizations announced the launch of cOAlition S, with the support of the European Commission including the European Research Council (ERC). cOAlition S is an initiative that aims to substantiate free access to research publications. It is designed around Plan S, which is composed of a target and 10 principles that the 11 organizations of the coalition agreed to set up in a co-ordinated fashion.

cOAlition S is committed to setting up before January 1st 2020 the measures required to fulfil its essential principle: “by 2020 scientific publications that devolve from research financed by public National or European funding must be published either in standard open access journals or on standard open access platforms”.

The National Research Agency (A.N.R.) is one of the 11 National cOAlition S partner organizations. Fixed in the A.N.R. 2019 action plan, the Agency’s open science policy entered into the national plan presented on July 4th by Frédérique Vidal.

This national plan for open science made open access for publications and data issuing from research financed by projects obligatory. It set up a committee for open science and supports major initiatives of structuring of the landscape insofar as they concern publications and data. Finally, it was endowed with training and international sections that are essential for the mobilization of scientific communities and the influence of France in this landscape is being created.