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photo Martina Knoop
Martina Knoop
CNRS Research director
twitter @maknoop

Martina Knoop, a CNRS research director, is an experimentalist in the field of atomic physics, optics and quantum optics.
Between 2008 and 2014, she was a member of the board of the European Physical Society and as such was heavily involved in discussions about open access routes. Since 2014, she has been in charge of scientific and technical information at the CNRS Institute of Physics.
Martina Knoop is an active member of the publication committee of the French Physical Society, and also of the documentation committee of Aix-Marseille University. Furthermore, she serves as an editor for the EPJ Plus journal. She is actively engaged in open access questions and their impact for scientists: she is responsible for the organization of round tables on the issue of open access, and is a regular invited speaker in conferences or workshops on this theme.