In progress


FAIR environment for structured editing

FAIREST aims to extend TEI Metopes-OpenEdition XML schema and provide tools to ensure:

– in compliance with the recommendations of the cOAlition S, full interoperability with JATS standard;

– full consideration of data-publication articulations in the context of open digital dissemination.

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Project in brief
Leading establishment
METOPES - Méthodes et outils pour l’édition structurée
CLEO - Open Edition Center
PKP - Public knowledge project
Funding recipient(s)
METOPES - Méthodes et outils pour l’édition structurée
Project duration
36 mois
227 059,20 €

Components of the projet

This alignment with the JATS standard for the publication statement will be built from a dual approach:

  • semantic enrichment
  • development of annotation and data conversion environments

organised along three axes:

  • define, specify, document
  • equip
  • interconnect services