In progress


Dissemin offers researchers a synthesis of the accessibility of their articles, identifies those that could be uploaded to open archives and proposes a simplified deposit process, taking into account the auto-archival policies of publishers.

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Project in brief
Leading establishment
ENS PSL - École normale supérieure PSL
Télécom Paris
CAPSH - Comité pour l'Accessibilité aux Publications en Sciences et Humanités
ENS PSL - École normale supérieure PSL
Funding recipient(s)
ENS PSL - École normale supérieure PSL
Project duration
36 mois
124 200 €

Components of the projet

  • develop Dissemin so as to maximize its usefulness for researchers
  • improve the freshness of information provided by Dissemin
  • adapt Dissemin to the requirements of archival mandates
  • turn Dissemin into a tool usable by a vast community of researchers