Data Management Clusters: the ecosystem is growing

News from the Committee

Eleven applications were received in the framework of the second call for expressions of interest in ‘Data Management Clusters’ with six being selected. Four of these received labelling with the other two said to be “on the path to being labelled”.

The projects that did not respond to the objectives of providing generalist and structuring services in their given geographical area do however contribute to the Recherche Data Gouv support ecosystem by acting as reference centres for their institutions.

All the projects that did respond to the requirements of the call are considered promising and have been encouraged to continue building their system without waiting for the next call. They have been given specific recommendations and personalized support so that they can soon become part of the network of Data Management Clusters, thus helping it to grow even further.

4 Data Management Clusters were labelled:

  • Data Univ Eiffel – ‘Gustave Eiffel University Data Management Cluster’
  • ADCVL – ‘Centre-Val de Loire Data Management Cluster presented by the University of Tours
  • LORD – Lille Open Research Data presented by the University of Lille
  • ECODOR ‘Towards an ecosystem of research data: for mutualised support on the Montpellier site’ presented by the University of Montpellier

2 Workshops are ‘on the path to being labelled’:

  • GDsAM – ‘Data Counter’ on the Aix-Marseille site
  • ARDoISE – ‘The Rennes Data Management Cluster: Information and Support for Research Teams

>> The complete list of Data Management Clusters

If you’d like to join the Data Management Clusters Network here is the schedule for the 3rd call for expressions of interest:

Phase 1

  • Opening of the call for proposals: January 30th 2023
  • Closure of the call for proposals: March 6th 2023
  • Exchange between project stakeholders: March 8th 2023

Phase 2

  • Opening of the call for projects: March 20th 2023
  • Closure of the call for projects: May 15th 2023
  • Result of the call: End of June 2023