Call for projects Open scientific and scholarly publishing (3rd edition)

The scope of the Open scientific and scholarly publishing (3rd edition) call for projects covers publishing, open publication and its ecosystem.

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Components of the call for projects

The Open scientific and scholarly publishing (3rd edition) call for projects includes the following components:

  • research infrastructures included in the national roadmap for research infrastructures;
  • platforms, services hubs and publishing entities;
  • editorial content.

The call aims to:

  • Foster the conversion of existing editorial content towards an open access digital dissemination;
  • Reinforce and structure open access publishing resources, foster the trend towards editorial quality standards;
  • Foster financial models diversity of open access publishing and restore a balance in favour of the diamond OA model. Projects depending on transparent and reasonable publication fees can also be supported in the scope of this call;
  • Foster a continuum between publication, data and codes;
  • Foster reproducibility or traceability of the scientific method, integrity, and fight against publication bias by supporting the publication of negative results;
  • Support innovating editorial processes, e.g. in regards to peer reviewing, collaborative writing, etc.



2:00 p.m.

Opening of the SIGAP application platform


2:00 p.m.
Closing of the call for projects


Publication of the results

October December

Contracting phase

Who can apply?

Those eligible for the Open scientific and scholarly publishing (3rd edition) call for projects are :
  • universities,
  • research organisations,
  • companies...

… and more generally, any entity with a legal status, no matter what form, whose main mission involves research, and/or the dissemination of knowledge and/or data management.

The call for projects concerns initiatives undertaken by French institutions or having a significant impact on the French open science landscape and whose governance is based on a significant French contribution.

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