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Adaptation of Métopes for taxonomy edition

The MetoTaxa project aimed at creating a new workflow to produce digital multi-support outputs for the European Journal of Taxonomy. This workflow, based on semantic structure of texts, works toward improving the interoperability of scientific and bibliographic data. The system is based on a single-source publishing model, where the development of a single XML file will allow technical publishers to produce multiple outputs, both digital and paper, in order to diversify dissemination channels while ensuring a perennial access to the articles and data contained within it.

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Project in brief
Leading establishment
Muséum national d'histoire naturelle
METOPES - Méthodes et outils pour l’édition structurée
Funding recipient(s)
Muséum national d'histoire naturelle
Plazi GmgH
Project duration
15 mois
89 064 €

Components of the projet

  • adapt Métopes to taxonomy, following FAIR principles
  • integrate TaxPub and Darwin Core elements into word
  • convert to pre-prepared XML-TEI files for taxonomic data enrichment
  • retrieve and validate domain identifiers via API
  • develop web services for the exchange of JATS XML files

Major resuts

New digital production line for the European Journal of Taxonomy journal and interoperability of scientific and bibliographic data:

  • Conversion of Métopes styles model for MetoTaxa
    • Creation of styles based on TaxPub and Darwin Core lexicon
  • Addition of commands in XMLmind to allow for persistent identifiers
  • Automation of identifier creation, research, recovery and reservation (LSID, DOI, ORCID, IDRef…)