The free and open source software group

Software and source codes
Today, software has become indispensable in all fields of scientific research, as a research tool as well as a research product and an object of research.
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The modes of free and open development (“open source“) apply to the sphere of software (as well as to that of physical equipment), methodologies and principles that are at the heart of the open science initiative that the Committee for Open Science aims to promote and support. This involves making results openly available to as many people as possible, facilitating their reproducibility, capitalizing on the work carried out and the possibility of making improvements without redoing work. They are therefore essential to scientific progress.

In compliance with the principles of collaborative subsidiarity and production promoted and disseminated by free, open communities, all of the group’s missions will be carried out in synergy and collaboration with the categories of actors able to contribute their expertise and cooperation. These include regulatory authorities, third-party experts, scientific communities (researchers and support staff), promotion and dissemination structures, European and international counterparts, etc.

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