Twenty-Fifth International Conference on Grey Literature


Actes de la conférence

With over a quarter century of research on grey literature carried out by diverse communities of practice in this field of information, a collective challenge emerges. Researchers and authors in sectors of government, non-government, academics, and business spanning manifold disciplines in science, technology, and the humanities are called to action. Their years of work dealing with the production, processing, digital publication, open access, and preservation of research outputs in multiple formats is called upon in confronting climate change.

At this point in time, with the advancements in information technology available to grey literature and in accordance with FAIR data principles, researchers, authors, librarians, and other information professionals and practitioners are tasked to ensure that research outputs are findable, accessible, interoperable, and render potential reuse in furthering research and education in their respective disciplines and sectors of information.

GL25 seeks to accept this challenge. To this end, grey literature communities worldwide are called upon to direct their attention in responding to climate change for the benefit of our vulnerable planet.

Date et Heure
13 novembre 2023 14 novembre 2023
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas


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