L'objectif de la conférence était d'explorer le potentiel des infrastructures de recherche européennes pour avoir un impact significatif sur les agendas stratégiques européens et d'identifier les moyens d'y parvenir. Les résultats de cet événement donnent un nouvel élan à la politique européenne en matière d'infrastructures de recherche.

European Research Infrastructures for a Smarter Future

Conference Conclusions, 15th May 2020


Research infrastructures are key elements in providing the necessary data and services for European scientists to conduct cutting-edge research in a variety of scientific fields and for European business to develop new products and services. They foster development of new types of materials enabling their analysis down to molecular level and testing in extreme conditions. They enable the development of modern technologies for exploiting various energy sources, developing new treatments for illnesses, or making our cities more liveable. They give us tools to understand better our universe, our planet and ourselves as humans.

Our shared investments in Research Infrastructures in the last decades have equipped us with some of the most advanced and sophisticated facilities in the world. It is now vital to harness the full potential of these infrastructures to deal with complex questions and more effectively serve industry, to contribute to education and jobs and to improve citizens’ lives. We need a stronger focus on the direction and societal impact of our shared investments.

The overall objective of the conference was to explore the potential of European Research Infrastructures to make a meaningful impact on the European strategic agendas and identify the ways in which this could be achieved. The outcome of this high-level event provided a new impetus for the European research infrastructure policy, supporting full realisation of the potential of the European Research Area to drive the necessary changes in our economy and society.

The conference was hosted by the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU, as part of the Future of Research Infrastructures in European Research Area event. The conference generated huge interest from the community. Since the conference was organized as a video-conference, over 600 participants followed the conference throughout the day while in the policy panel over 800 participants followed the discussion. The conference was recorded in full, and the resulting videos are available in ESFRI YouTube channel. The presentations of each session, as well as the RI posters and RI videos featured in the virtual poster session are published online in ESFRI website, in the conference Outcomes webpage.